Levels of Drywall Finishes 


Level 0

  • Drywall has only been fastened to walls and ceilings.

  • No finish added



Level 1

  •  Drywall joint tape embedded in joint compound

  • Ridges and tool marks are visible

  • Acceptable for areas not normally open to public view


Level 2  

  • A thin coat of joint compound skimmed over the tape

  • Covers the drywall screw holes

  • Recommended for garages, warehouses, and places where surface appearance is not a concern 


Level 3

  • A coat of joint compound applied to the tape and screws 

  • Acceptable for walls that will have heavy color and texture



Level 4 

  • Classic drywall finish

  • Another coat of joint compound to the tape and screws applied

  • Walls are sanded and primed. 


Level 5/6

  • Thin skim coat(s) applied

  • Recommended for gloss, semi-gloss, enamel, or flat paints are specified or where severe lighting conditions occur.